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Registrations for the Donosti Cup 2021 start at a good pace!!

Last September 15, we officially opened the registration period for the 2021 Donosti Cup and in a few days, we received many registrations from Spain, France and Portugal. 

21 de September de 2020

The first team to register was the Linars ES, from France, in B15 category. 

Moreover, we all must take into account that this year registrations did not start from zero as many teams that registered for the 2020 Donosti Cup decided to keep their deposit and secure their place in the next edition. This way, taking into account the new registrations and the teams that kept their place, there are more than 100 teams from ten countries registered for the 2021 Donosti Cup. These teams come from 10 different countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Japan, Greece, EEUU, Panama, Mexico and Palestine.

Taking into account the uncertainty generated by the Covid-19, the confirmation of so many teams is encouraging.

Remember that this year payments will be refundable so if any team decided not to come further on, there would not be any expenses.

In addition, we want to remember that in the 2021 Donosti Cup, there will be B19 and G19 categories for those players born in 2002, so that they can say goodbye to the Donosti Cup participating for the last time.

After the cancellation of the tournament this summer, we face the 2021 Donosti Cup with great enthusiasm and the challenge of giving the best experience in a safe way to all the participants.


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