For everybody that always wanted data insights in their match! Now you can!

We know players, we know the game, we are players ourselves.

6 de July de 2021

Every player has fantasized about how cool it would be to know their stats after a game. To see your shot power, sprint speed, number of passes, and more. With JOGO it’s simple to answer the question: how did you play today? 



The insole sensors of JOGO make it possible to track a wide variety of players’ data as shown in the image above. This contributes to a more detailed understanding of a player’s development curve and improvement needs, which is key to their success. The sensors allow a trainer to:

  • Track, analyze & improve your players using objective data
  • Measure more than 200 data points over 1000 times a second
  • rack players in training as well as matches, approved by FIFA

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