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Get to know first-hand the daily Donosti Cup activities’ program

Donosti Cup has a full activities’ program organized around the daily competition of the tournament.

15 de April de 2020

When a team plays the Donosti Cup, apart from playing their games they can also participate in all the official activities that the tournament organizes.

Let’s revise the daily program:

Sunday is usually the day when most of teams arrive in San Sebastian. We leave that day free so that every team can check-in their accommodation, pick up their credentials, do the age control of their players and meet their guide-escort.   

On Monday, the competition begins and at night the Opening Ceremony is celebrated at the Reale Arena, the Real Sociedad stadium. With no doubt, this is the most important and favourite event of most of the participants in the Donosti Cup.

On Tuesday, apart from the 1st round games, some local Djs liven up the Fan Zone.

On Wednesday, last games of the 1st round are played and depending on the ranking, final round pairings are made. The first two teams of each group play the Champions League; and the third and fourth play the Europa League. In the afternoon of that same day, the best moment for the coaches comes with the game played at the Real Sociedad training facilities. They have the opportunity of showing their skills and release the first days’ stress. The stands are usually crowed of players and the atmosphere is guaranteed.

On Thursday, the attention is focused on competition. The final round starts and the teams winning each game may play up to two or three games the same day. To replenish forces, the dinner that night is based on pizza, and afterwards, there is an open-air party at the Fan Zone.

Friday is one of the most intense days of the week. During the day, there are new rounds of games with quarter finals and semi-finals. In the afternoon, there are the Champions League finals for 4 categories, and all the Europe League 11-a-side finals. In the evening, there is the Donosti Cup Party for all the participants at the city centre of San Sebastian, in front of the beach; and there is also the Farewell Cocktail at an elegant sea view Palace, where the responsible for all the clubs participate. After an intense week of competition, the players and their responsible have the opportunity of enjoying the lived moments along the week and release stress.

On Saturday morning, there are the Champions League finals for all the rest of categories and the Europe League 8-a-side categories finals. Once each game ends, the participants get their award and by midday, the tournament is closed.

With no doubt, the week goes by at a fast pace where emotions and feelings are intensely lived and the memories that remain to all of us (players, coaches, supporters and staff) are unforgettable. 

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