Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

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The Opening Ceremony turns around the parade of participant teams

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There is no doubt that the Opening Ceremony is the main and most exciting act in the week. A one hour show gathering more than 15,000 people and that gets to create a very special atmosphere.

The central concept of the Ceremony is the parade of all the participant clubs, but there are also live music, dances, fireworks and lots of entertainment.

The public always tremble with the parade of teams wearing the typical cloths of their countries. As traditionally, each club will parade with a representation of 25 people maximum including coaches.

On the first part, Oceania and Asian teams will parade. After them, we usually welcome African teams. Then, the parade crosses the Athlantic ocean to introduce American teams. The last group of teams to parade are Europeans with Spain and France the main countries. Basque Country teams, as hosts, are the ones closing the parade.

Teams not doing the parade and supporters with a tournament credential, will be able to get into the Stadium for free showing their credential.

For the general public, tickets will be on sale from Sunday, 4th July at the Information Point of the tournament at the Fan Zone.

El equipo Wakatake de Japón desfilando en la pasada edición
Leyenda de la imagen 2 en la galería
Leyenda de la imagen 3 en la galería
Leyenda de la imagen 4 en la galería
Leyenda de la imagen 5 en la galería

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