Las finales


The teams that reach to the finals will live a very special day that they will never forget

Real Sociedad facilities (Zubieta)10:00 -14:00

The finals of the 2021 Donosti Cup will be held over two days: in the afternoon of Friday, July 9 and in the morning of Saturday, July 10.

After each final, an awards ceremony takes place where trophies and medals are given to winners and runners-up.

Finals schedule (July 9, friday)
15:30hB13 categoryZ7
16:45hB14 categoryZ7
17:00hG10 categoryZ4
18:00hG14 categoryZ7
19:15hB15 categoryZ7
Finals schedule (July 10, saturday)
10:00hG16 categoryZ7
10:00hB10 categoryZ4
11:15hB16 categoryZ7
11:15hB11 categoryZ4
12:30hG18 categoryZ7
12:30hG12 categoryZ4
13:45hB18 categoryZ7
13:45hB12 categoryZ4

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