Donosti Cup Foundation

Donosti Cup Foundation

The Donosti Cup Foundation was born with the aim of making possible that teams without means participate in the Donosti Cup helping them to finance all the expenses.

Every year, the Donosti Cup Foundation received numerous requests from developing areas that want to participate in the Donosti Cup but who does not have means for that.

After analysing all the requests, the Foundation selects the 4 projects that, in their opinion, have a major social value in the environment they are developed and in the society in general.

Thanks to this initiative, more than 50 teams from poor regions or very vulnerable, conflict areas, countries deprived of liberty or cities shaken by natural disasters have been able to participate in the Donosti Cup. To name a few countries we can outline Sierra Leone, Zambia, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Uganda, India, Nepal, Palestine, Iraq, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, El Salvador, Peru, Honduras, Colombia or Bolivia.

In 2008, the Donosti Cup got the UNICEF National Award for its contribution to the infancy through the sport.

Diamond Child Diamond Child

Guest teams in recent years

  • Donosti Cup 2023: Sahara Occidental (ESH), Gladiadores Especiales (MEX) y Newcastle United (ENG)
  • Donosti Cup 2022: Al Helal (PSE) y MOMIM (BOL)
  • Donosti Cup 2021: Dragones de Lavapiés (SPA)
  • Donosti Cup 2019: Al Bustan (PSE) y Diamond Child (SLE).
  • Donosti Cup 2018: Mugu Team (NEP), Scholars Home (NEP), City of Hope (ZMB), y Oscar Foundation (IND).
  • Donosti Cup 2017: HNK Vukovar 1991 (HRV).
  • Donosti Cup 2016: Yuwa (IND), Wukro (ETH) y MOMIM (BOL).
  • Donosti Cup 2015: Not to forget Palestin (PSE) y Mozambique (MOZ).
  • Donosti Cup 2014: Hai Al Bustan (PSE) y Uganda (EAU).
  • Donosti Cup 2013: Chernobil Elkartea (UKR) y Yuwa (IND).

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