Coaches' match

It is the favorite moment for teams’ coaches

To be confirmed at the time of registration.20:30

Coaches have the opportunity to show their skills in front of hundreds of spectators

The celebration of this match is one of the favorite moments of the week for coaches of teams who have the opportunity to show their skills to many players who come to the facilities of the Real Sociedad to encourage their own coaches.

As usual, 2 coaches per club may participate in this game. Registration is free and the Organization usually puts a shuttle service, also free, from the Fan Zone.

In order to participate, it is necessary to be registered at the Headquarters of the Tournament before noon of the same day of the match.

Match 1 Last year, we had the presence of Isidro, the Real Madrid ex-player
Match 2 During the game you always see good technical details
Match 3 Girls’ coaches do not miss their appointment with this game
Match 4 The coaches take the game with great interest
Match 5 The stands are usually full of Donosti Cup players

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