Discover the Clubs with more victories in the Donosti Cup

In boys’ football, the Antiguoko leads the ranking with 30 titles and in girls’ football, the leader is Sant Gabriel with 24 titles.

17 de April de 2020

Among the different rankings we stablish in the Donosti Cup, there is the ranking of Clubs with more victories, where we list the number of times a club has won the Donosti Cup winner title.

As it is evident, clubs participating more times have more possibilities of adding a higher number of titles, but this is not the aim of all the clubs and it is never like that. However, this situation happens on the two clubs at the head of this ranking in boys’ and girls’ categories, and both clubs have an important number of participations. We are talking about Antiguoko and Sant Gabriel: the Basque club has no less than 30 winner titles in the 25 editions where they have participated, and the Catalan club has 24 titles in the 18 editions where they have participated. The average gets over a winner title per edition, which shows very well the training work both clubs do. They are the leaders of the ranking with more titles in the boys’ and girls’ categories respectively.

In boys’ category, the Antiguoko is followed on the ranking by Kostkas with 6 titles and Atl. Sant Just and PA Team, both with 5 titles. PA Team progression stands out with 5 titles and considering they have only participated in 3 editions. In the last edition, they were “Best club of the 2019 Donosti Cup” getting 3 winners’ titles. Kostkas has also a very high average. They have participated in 18 editions and Atl. Sant Just in 10 editions. We want to outline that the Catalan club got their first title in their first participation, which is not so common. It was in 2010 and they won the B18 category after beating the final on penalties. Behind those clubs are: Escuela de la RFEF, Independiente de Madrid, UD Talavera and Sporting de Herrera, all of them with 3 titles. Escuela de la RFEF is the club having more runner-up titles, 5, and Independiente de Madrid has one of the best average with 3 titles in 3 participations, this means they got a title in each edition where they participated.

In girls’ category, Sant Gabriel is followed by Altzakoak with 10 titles, and Añorga and RSD Espanyol both with 5 winner titles and 4 runner-up titles. After them Ath Madrid with 4 titles and Osasuna and Madrid CFF with 3 titles each. This last club has played numerous finals and it has 6 runner-up titles, which is also a merit.

Congratulations to these 15 clubs because, as all of you know, it is not easy to win the Donosti Cup and moreover winning so many times.

You can find the full ranking together with the list of winners of the 28 editions up to now on the website of the tournament.


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