Beaten the 300 teams’ barrier from 20 countries 5 months before the beginning of the tournament!

Five months before the beginning of the tournament, 302 teams have already confirmed their participation in the 2020 Donosti Cup, 43 teams more than last year at this time.

5 de March de 2020

The interest in participating in the Donosti Cup continues growing year by year. In the last month, there has been a very significant growth in the registration rate to the point that we have beaten the barrier of 300 teams earlier than ever.

To date, 302 teams have already confirmed their participation, 43 more than in the last edition, from 20 different countries, among them two new countries, Tunisia and Lesotho.

The foreign country with more representation is once again the United States that beats all records again with no less than 81 registered teams, 12 more than in the last edition. The massive representation of North American teams is already a distinguishing mark of the Donosti Cup and from the Organization we want to thank their loyalty to our tournament. In total, there will be representatives from 14 different states being California, Texas and New York the states with a higher number of teams.

The second foreign country with more representation is France, which has already 29 registered teams, although everything suggests that finally it will exceed the number of 39 teams that we had last year.

And the third foreign country with more teams is Mexico, with 7 teams confirmed by now, although it is not ruled out that in the next dates more teams from this country will be registered.

From Spain there are already 148 teams registered, 6 more than in the last edition, but due to the number of interested clubs that we have, it seems that we will get the number of 200 teams.

The most demanded category at this moment is the B12, with no less than 45 teams, followed closely by the B16 and B15 categories with 27 and 26 teams respectively.

In the girls’ categories, the G14 with 27 teams and the G16 with 22 teams standout and it should be noted that in our new category G10 there are already 4 teams confirmed.

As usual, in the months of March and April, a big number of registrations are expected, so in July it seems that we will speak again of a new participation record in the Donosti Cup.

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