The 2021 Donosti Cup will be from July 4 to 10 and there will be U19 categories for boys and girls

After a year troubled by the Covid-19 crisis, the Organization is already working on the next edition of the Donosti Cup, which will be the edition of the meeting back.

14 de July de 2020

After 28 uninterrupted years celebrating the Donosti Cup, 2020 will go down in history as the year in which the tournament could not be held, at least in the traditional way. But the Organization is already working to become stronger if possible next year in what will be the edition of the "meeting back".

The 29th edition will be from July 4 to 10 and the main novelty will be the modification of the B18 and G18 categories that will become on B19 and G19. Many young people born in 2002 were going to participate in this edition for their last time, but as they could not due to the cancellation of the tournament, the Organization has decided to enable them to say goodbye on the field and therefore the age is extended a year in the oldest categories for boys and girls.

Another novelty will be the launch of the Donosti Authentic's Cup for teams made of players with intellectual disabilities. Clubs such as Real Sociedad, Ath Bilbao, Eibar or Newcastle were going to participate in this edition, and all of them, in addition to other clubs, are expected in the next edition.

The entry deadline for the 2021 Donosti Cup will be officially open on September 15, two weeks later than usual. The reason is that accommodations’ prices are going to be published during the first week of September as the accommodations themselves have asked us a bit more time to prepare their rates for next year. This summer is going to be an atypical summer, with fewer tourists than usual, and it is logical that accommodations in general want to evaluate the summer before deciding the prices to apply to the 2021 Donosti Cup. In any case, the Donosti Cup trusts that most of the prices will be maintained or even in some cases some accommodations may reduce them.

From the Donosti Cup we want to thank all the clubs for the support that they have shown us during these difficult months and we will be waiting for you all in an edition that has to be very special. The edition in which we will all meet back.

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