The Donosti Cup offers more than 5,000 accommodation places for the next edition

The places are divided into five different types of accommodation: schools, hostels and university residences, camps, 2 and 3-star hotels and 4-star hotels. 

25 de November de 2020

As every year, the Donosti Cup offers a significant number of places to accommodate all the teams that are going to participate in the tournament, as well as their families. In total 5,180 beds distributed in five different types of accommodation: schools, hostels and university residences, camps, and hotels ranging from 1 to 4 stars. 

Most of the accommodations are located in the San Sebastian metropolitan area, although in recent years, facing the growth of the tournament, there has been a geographical expansion to be able to offer more places. This is the case of accommodations that are situated in very attractive towns of the Basque coast such as Orio, Zarauz, Fuenterrabia or Hendaia. 

The accommodation offered by the organization is divided into 5 large blocks.

The first one is the accommodation in schools, which is the most affordable option. Most of them are located in and around San Sebastian. Each team has a classroom for its own use. Teams opting for this type of accommodation can choose between three different options: 1) bring their own sleeping material; 2) rent mattresses and sleeping bags, and 3) rent beds with sheets, blankets and pillows. For more information, click here

The second block are hostels and university residences. They are located in and around San Sebastián. Hostels offer multiple rooms with private or shared bathroom and university residences offer double rooms with private bathroom. For more information, click here

The third are the camps. Specifically, we have two, one located in San Sebastian, in the Igara neighborhood at the foot of Mount Igueldo; and the other in the small coastal town of Orio. Both offer bungalows for 5 or 7 people, and have a swimming pool among their facilities. For more information, click here.

And finally, we have the Hotels, which offer either 2-3 star or 4-star rooms. In total, there are 30 complexes located in San Sebastián and nearby towns. A wide variety for each team to reserve the option that best suits their needs based on their characteristics and budgets. For more information on 2- and 3-star hotels click here. For more information on 4-star hotels click here

All prices include 6 nights full board accommodation and the Donosti Cup service package that includes injury insurance, the guide, free access to the Opening Ceremony and the Finals, the Donosti Super Card with free admission to all official events and discounts at tourist attractions, organization expenses and 10% VAT. 

On the website you can see all the available accommodations, and selecting each accommodation you will find a brief description, the location map, photographs and the prices of the different types of rooms.

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