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17 de June de 2021

Just three weeks left for the Donosti Cup 2021 and it is time to focus on the Competition. Tomorrow, Friday 18th of June, will take place the traditional Group Draw and the groups will be released on Saturday morning.

As always, all teams attending will be divided in 3 different pots. The first one will be for foreign teams. The second one for National teams and the third one for locals.

This year, and due to the well-known reasons, there will be fewer foreign teams attending the Tournament, so in most of the groups there will be 2 teams from the second pot and another two from the third pot.

But there will be also groups with one team from the 1st pot, another team from the 2nd pot et two teams from the 3rd pot. And there might be some cases with one team from the 2nd pot and three teams from the 3rd pot.

Local teams from schools will go together on the first round.

Despite the pandemic, we are pleased with the quantity and the level of registered teams and we are sure that it is going to be an exciting tournament played with fair play. 

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