1.- The Delegate for Protocol Compliance (DPC) and the Hygiene Officer (HO) of the club have to be medical assistant or know something about medicine?

This is not necessary. Their role is pass on information and be in touch with the Safety Officer of the Donosti Cup (SODC). So, these tasks can be made by anyone related to the club: coach, physio, manager, etc. The must is to have two different persons.

2.- Will the tournament give the document that each club should fill to sign that no player has had covid symptoms, none has had a positive test, and the tournament’s security protocols for all the members of the group have been given to the tournament?


3.- What a participant should do in case of covid symptoms?

First thing, they should talk to their Delegate for Protocol Compliance (DPC) of their club. This person would get in touch with the Safety Officer of the Donosti Cup (SODC) and they would weigh up the situation. In case it was considered necessary, the participant should go with the DPC and SODC to a specific Public Health point at the city centre of San Sebastian close to the Victoria Eugenia Theatre.

4.- What the next step should be?

The doctor of this Public Health point for the Donosti Cup would make a medical examination and if he/she considered it necessary the doctor would make him a covid test. In case the test would be positive, the doctor should activate the pertinent protocol being authorized to order the lockdown of the player or the home return depending on the case. At the same time, a search would be made to test the close contacts of that participant.

5.- Would the team keep playing in case of some positives?

In case of more than 3 positives of the same team, the team should leave the competition.

6.- Who would pay the costs for the eventual extension of the stay and the subsequent transfer to the lockdown participants’ home?

The tournament is going to contract and Insurance including different coverages, the eventual extension of the stay with a maximum amount of 50 euros per day during 10 days and the subsequent home transfer amongst others.

7.- Will this insurance mean any cost to the participants?

No; the cost for this policy, even if it was not foreseen when prices were decided last September, will be paid by the Donosti Cup.

8.- Will a team be refunded in case of leaving the competition for more than three positives?

No, because not only the sports services but also the ones unrelated to sports would already be contracted and with a payment firm commitment.

9.- Will public be allowed at the games?

On the request we gave to the Basque Government, we asked the public to be allowed at the games, but we are still waiting for their reply. As the scope rates get down possibilities will be higher.

10.- Will a Fan Zone exist?

Yes. It will be at the Anoeta Sports City, between the Stadium and the Small stadium, although there will be some capacity and distances limitations.

11.- Where the tournament’s hall will be?

This year, we are working on the idea of installing two tournament’s halls, one at the Fan Zone and another one at an exhibition centre in Irun for the teams staying at the Bidasoa region. The Fan Zone one will be open air under a big tent so that there is a good air circulation and accesses are shorter and direct.

12.- Will an Opening Ceremony be?

On the request, we included the possibility of holding a small Opening Ceremony at the Anoeta Stadium, but with a specific number of participants representing the teams participating this year in the tournament. We consider that in case of having some people inside the stadium, these should be the participants. The event will be live in streaming.

13.- Will a Donosti Cup party be?

No. This year, it is not appropriate to organise events that gather a high number of people.

14.- Will clubs have a Donosti Cup guide-host?

Yes. As every year, each club will have at least one person of the tournament that will be the host and guide and will be with the group for the whole tournament. Their main tasks are to be the reference person of the tournament, go with the club to the games, propose free time activities, etc. The guides cannot act as officers for the fulfilment of the protocol nor as hygiene officers. The guides finish their working day when the group finishes their dinner. All the guides will pass an antigen test 48 hours prior the tournament.

15.- Will Donosti Cup staff be at the fields?

Yes. As every year, at least 2 members of the staff will be at each field for the control of the competition (reception of teams, referees, etc).

16.- When the schedule of games will be posted?

As every year, the Schedule of games will be posted on the website by 20th June

17.- How fields will be designated?

On the 1st Round, each club will play at a specific location. There will be 6 bubble locations and each location will have a few fields. In case that a club had 8-a-side and 11-a-side teams, some will play at one location and others at another one. But in both cases the location will be the same for the whole 1st Round.

Below you can find locations and fields:

Bubble 1: Hondartza, Stádium Gal, San José Obrero, Ventas, Lesaka and Bera Bidasoa

Bubble 2: Oiarzun, Fandería, Lezo and Pasaia

Bubble 3: Anoeta, Berio, Martutene, La Salle, Puio, Hernani, Urnieta, Astigarraga, Lasarte, Zubieta and Andoain

Bubble 4: Usurbil, Orio, Zarauz, Zumaia and Zestoa

Bubble 5: Billabona, Zizurkil, Tol

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