Prevention protocol


  • It will be an essential requirement to participate in the 2021 Donosti Cup that each player and each member of the coaching staff present at the accreditation moment the result of a negative test for covid-19. This test may be PCR or antigen test and, in any case, it must have been made no later than 48 hours before the accreditation moment. The certificate of the test must be presented on paper.
  • Once accredited to be free of covid-19, the players and members of the coaching staff will receive the tournament bracelet that will certify, in addition to age, having presented the negative covid test.
  • Each club must name a Delegate for Protocol Compliance (DPC) and a Hygiene Officer (HO). Before the beginning of the tournament, the DPC must complete a certificate that will guarantee that no player has symptoms compatible with covid, that no participant has tested positive in the tests made and that the safety protocols and hygiene and safety measures established by the tournament organization have been guaranteed and made available to all members of the delegation. The DPC will be at the same time the interlocutor between the expedition and the Safety Officer of the Donosti Cup (SODC). The HO must ensure that at all times the members of the expedition meet the hygiene and safety measures established by the tournament organization.
  • The Hygiene Officer (HO) shall ensure that all members of the expedition use properly the masks, which shall be approved and renewed according to their use.
  • The person in charge of Hygiene (HO) shall ensure that all used masks and tissues or similar are gathered in a bag and deposited in the residual container.
  • In enclosed spaces and transportation, the use of FFP2 masks is mandatory.


  • Before each match, the staff of the Organization, duly identified and protected with an approved mask, will check the temperature of all participants and members of the coaching staff. If any participant or member of the coaching staff has fever, he/she should leave the facility and the DCP of the club should be notified, who in turn should contact the SODC to activate the corresponding protocol.
  • Players must enter to the facility in group and it is compulsory to wear a surgical or approved mask.
  • All players, before and after each game, will have to wash their hands with hydroalcoholic gel. Dispensers will be placed at the entrance to the facilities.
  • Teams must use their own material to warm-up (balls, cones, bibs, etc).
  • The use of changing rooms will follow the criteria established by the Basque Government
  • The two teams will go out to the field separately and there will be no greeting before or after the match.
  • There will be no exchange of flags before the start of the match.
  • Players on the bench must wear facemasks.
  • Except for the head coach, the rest of the coaching staff must be on the bench wearing masks.
  • If any participant has symptoms related to Covid-19 before going to the match, he/she will not be allowed to attend the match.
  • The water taps of the sports facilities cannot be used. 
  • Family members and relatives must access the facility with a mask and they must keep at all times the safety distance (1.5 meters) with people who are not cohabitants.
  • The Organization's staff on the fields will wear masks at all times and they will be provided with hydroalcoholic gel and thermometer.
  • Signs will be posted at the entrance to the facilities with the hygiene measures to be fulfilled and the traffic rules to be followed


  • Temperature check at the beginning of the stay.
  • Disinfection of hands before entering the residence and for the recommended use in common areas.
  • Mask correctly worn at all times, only removed inside the room whenever being alone or with the roommate.
  • In the rooms, only the people sleeping in that room can enter, at the most the coach or responsible can also enter always maintaining the safety measures such as distance and mask properly placed.
  • Personal distance of 1.5m.
  • Mandatory use of FFP2 masks in elevators and enclosed spaces, respect the capacity indicated in each elevator, and in any case not exceed the maximum capacity of 4 people
  • Respect the capacity and distances at common areas.
  • Communication to the organization of any change in the health of the guests.
  • Respect the rest of other guests. From 10pm to 8am.
  • Smoking is not allowed both in the rooms and at any part of the accommodation, including the terrace.
  • It is forbidden the entrance to any external person, not staying in the accommodation.
  • There must be one responsible for each group, ideally for every 6 children 1 responsible. That person is responsible for ensuring that all the covid-19 rules and good behavior are carried on.
  • In addition, someone must be responsible for the good coexistence of the teams, corridors and the tranquility at night.
  • Air rooms and common areas frequently, even at night if the ambient temperature makes it possible.


  • Temperature taking at the entrance
  • Disinfection of hands before entering to the dining room and when leaving it.
  • Mask correctly worn at all times, except at the time of ingestion of food or drinks.
  • Follow the indications on the flow of people. Signs will be posted at the access to the facility with the hygienic measures to be carried out and with the movement rules to respect.
  • Personal distance of 1.5m
  • Respect the capacity and distances of the common areas.
  • Limitation of 6 diners maximum per table.
  • Diners may only leave the table to go to the toilet, always with the mask on, or at the end of the meal to leave the dining room.
  • Smoking is forbidden.
  • There must be one person responsible for every 12 people to ensure compliance with the rules.
  • Air will be natural and maintained


  • In case that a player or responsible had any symptom compatible with covid-19 (fever, headache, breathing problems, etc) they should let this know to the DPC of the club. 
  • The DPC of the club should get in touch with the Safety Officer of the Donosti Cup to let him know the situation of the participant.
  • The SODC with give him an appointment to go to a specific public healthcare centre of San Sebastian so that a doctor looks after him and, if necessary, makes him a covid-19 test.
  • From this moment and on, the responsible of the healthcare centre will decide the steps to take and depending on the result of the test he will apply the pertinent protocol being possible to have to isolate the participant and his direct contacts.
  • The organization of the tournament wants to stress the importance of the prevention and the faithful compliance of the sanitary measures we have stablished. If the participants have no covid when getting to San Sebastian, the most important is that they fulfil all the measures stipulated and that they respect the bubbles.

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