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Donosti Eventos is a company created in 1992 having wide experience in the organization of sports events. It has a flexible staff fluctuating along the year depending on the events organized in each moment. 

Donosti Eventos runs three own events: the Donosti Cup International Football Tournament, the Donosti Masters Cup Veterans International Football Tournament and the Carrera de Empresas corporate run. In addition to these, it has also organized numerous events for public and private entities, football clubs, Federations and Foundations in collaboration with the local city council, the Gipuzkoa provincial Government, the Basque Government, the Real Sociedad Football Club, the Gipuzkoa athletics Federation, the Kutxa Foundation or the Eroski Foundation.

In 2019 El Diario Vasco became one of the main shareholders of the company. 

The Founder and CEO of Donosti Eventos is Iñigo Olaizola. He was born in San Sebastian in 1966, he is graduated in History and Geography. He worked as a teacher for 6 years and when he was 25, he founded the Donosti Cup International Football Tournament. He has managed events such as the European and World Athletics Championships and the Masters or the Real Sociedad Centenary. He played football in “Real Union” and was the chief executive officer of 2Real Sociedad” from 2005 to 2007. He is currently a member of the Basque Sports Council and of the Tourism Council Advisor of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Government.

In 1992 I founded the Donosti Cup and I still don't know how far this tournament, which has become one of the biggest tournaments in Europe, can go.

In the first edition we expected more than 100 teams from half the world but we only had 32 teams and most of them were from San Sebastian. That small "failure" taught me that houses should not be started from the roof. The Donosti Cup became at that moment a personal challenge and during all these years it has been like a child that I have seen grow up, with its good and not so good moments, with a lot of difficult situations, but above all with a lot of satisfactions.

Organising an event like the Donosti Cup is undoubtedly something incredible, especially because of the number of teams, presidents, managers, coaches and players that I have been able to meet and with whom I have a relationship of true and deep friendship. I have also had the good fortune to be supported by many collaborators who have given the best of themselves so that the Donosti Cup has reached where it has reached. It is impossible to name them all but I would like to give my heartfelt thanks for their support to those who started in the first edition and continue to collaborate in the tournament, to those who have only been there for one edition, and of course to those who are now part of the team.

It is an honour to preside over the Donosti Cup and I trust and hope that for many years to come we will continue to make the dreams of so many young boys and girls who have participated and who will participate in our tournament come true. Our main signs of identity are the effort, the demand, the close treatment and above all, the passion for football. 

If you have not participated in the Donosti Cup, I certainly encourage you to do so. It can be an experience of a lifetime.

We are waiting for you!

Iñigo Olaizola, CEO and Founder


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