2019 winner's list

B18 winners

Campeones B18

1. Madrileño CD

2. SFA Academy Madrid

B16 winners

Campeones B16

1. Los Indios

2. San Francisco Glens

B15 winners

Campeones B15

1. Independiente Madrid

2. Alginet UD

B14 winners

Campeones B14

1. Segre CA

2. Diamond Child

B13 winners

Campeones B13

1. Escuela RFEF

2. Ribera ST

B12 winners

Campeones B12

1. PA Team Elite

2. Antiguoko KE

B11 winners

Campeones B11

1. PA Team Elite

2. Escuela RFEF

B10 winners

Campeones B10

1. PA Team Elite

2. Atletic Sant Just

G18 winners

Campeones G18

1. Añorga KE

2. Madrid CFF

G16 winners

Campeones G16

1. Deportivo Alaves

2. Eibar SD

G14 winners

Campeones G14

1. Olympique Lyonnais

2. Futfem Talents

G12 winners

Campeones G12

1. Impressionant

2. Madrid CFF

Best Club

Mejor club

PA Team Elite

With incredible numbers, PA Team Elite was proclaimed the best club of the 2019 Donosti Cup.

The Best Club Prize is awarded to the team with the highest number of points during the tournament week (1 point for victory in the First round, 2 points for victory in the Final round and 3 points for winning).

Best supporters

Mejor afición

Olimpia FBO

With incredible fans, the FBO Olimpia supporters won the 2019 Donosti Cup Best Supporters Award.

The Best Supporter Prize is awarded to a person or team for an exceptional gesture or behavior during the tournament week.

Official sponsors

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Official collaborators

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Institutional partners

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