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Foundation Donosti Cup

15 OCT.

The Donosti Cup Foundation was born with an undeniable aim: to get that youngs from different races and cultures exchanged their experiences thanks to the football. To get it, every year, the Donosti Cup Foundation invites teams from disadvantaged areas or in ways of development to the tournament, financing the expenses of accommodation, food and transport.

In order to select the invited clubs, the different requests that are received are analyzed before and amongst them those projects that have a major social contribution in the environment where the team lives or in the society in general are selected.

Aware of the importance that the most social aspect of the Donosti Cup has and with the desire of giving the opportunity to take part in the tournament to more teams, this year the budget dedicated for the invitation of teams without resources has been doubled.

Thanks to this initiative, teams from countries like Senegal, Nigeria, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Uganda, Mozambique, Ethiopia, India or Palestine have taken part in the Donosti Cup.

In 2008, the Donosti Cup got hand in hands of the Infanta Margarita de Borbón the NATIONAL PRIZE UNICEF for its contribution to the infancy through the sport.

Below you can find the 4 teams that have been invited in the last edition:

• Scholar Home Academy (Nepal): Scholar Home Academy participated in the tournament with a team of children of the B13 category and became to be the first Nepalese representative in the history of the tournament. The team belongs to a pioneering school in education in Bhaktapur's central zone, Katmandu, zone that a few years ago was affected by one of the most devastating earthquakes in which more than 1800 people dead and 4718 were injured. Golygol has been the NGO in charge to help, giving material, representing with staff and the one that put in touch with us for this project.

• Mugu Team (Nepal): Mugu Team or more known as Sunakali, is a feminine soccer team from Mugu's region, located at the north of Nepal, very near to the Himalayas mountain chain and close to the Lake Rare. It is considered to be one of the least developed regions of the western zone of Nepal and it is located at an area of very difficult access. The girls had to do an arduous and long trip on foot, light aircraft, plane and bus up to coming to San Sebastian. They participated in the 2018 Donosti Cup in the G14 category, and they came with huge desire and illusion of going out from their region for the first time and of enjoying this great opportunity.

• Oscar Foundation (India): Oscar Foundation (Organization for the Social Change, Conscience and Responsibility) is an organization without profit aims that, across the football, tries to inculcate the value of the education and to empower to disadvantaged children and young people with skills for life so that they assume the responsibility of the development of their community, with the mission of promoting the leadership, the teamwork and the educational support. In this 27 edition of the tournament, Oscar Foundation participated with a team of boys from India in the category B16. These children belong to the marginal neighborhoods of Mumbai's city, and football has happened to be the educational support and the way towards opportunities that they never thought to have.

• City of Hope (Zambia): City of Hope it was the fourth guest to the Donosti Cup 2018. A group of girls belonging to the Salesianos School located in Lusaka, Zambia. Red Deporte and Cooperation has been the link of union with these youngs, their aim consists, for more than 20 years now, on promoting the education, the health and the integration of the Zambian girls’ in risk through the sport. And in this case, they participated in the tournament with a team in G18 the category

Nowadays we are managing the next invitations for teams that will take part in the Donosti Cup 2019.

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